strange clients, strange testimonials.


“To call tense. studio into action is to pour jet fuel into a Model T Ford and win a modern day formula one race as Christopher Walken reads Dr. Seuss books aloud in the passenger seat.”

                ~ Coterie of Enthusiastically Dabbling Millennials

“The minds at tense. studio can tell a story anywhere; not excluding online dating profiles of god-like quality. I feel as if a tuxedoed Andrea Bocelli holding a puppy has introduced me to my soulmate in song while paying off all my debt.”

~ Lauren, no longer single  

“In a work-a-day self-promote-away world, the discretion and anonymity tense provides throughout their process is refreshing as all hell.” 

   ~ Anonymous

“Without the uncanny approach of tense studio's storytelling, well, this line of praise would be blank."


“I’m so proud of what my son has accomplished and am thankful to his friends who started a company and gave him a job in the mailroom.” 

                ~ The mother of tense. studio's founder (who thinks he works in the mailroom)