'The Photographers Voice'

'The Photographers Voice'


The essential copywriting handbook for photographers.

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'Distilled from the work of dozens of client case studies, ‘The Photographers Voice' is the essential copywriting handbook for photographers. It is as much an informative text as it is a satisfying workbook for any photographer interested in the narrative strength of their website while crafting an authentic voice for their brand. Whether building a new photography business from frame one or refreshing an established business, the text covers a plethora of topics and includes writing prompts throughout the book to help navigate the miscellaneous challenges and negative self-talk that might stop you before you begin. 

Covered topics include:

  • Differentiating between bragging and showcasing talent

  • Finding direction and clarifying voice

  • Attracting ideal clients

  • Ensuring copy is cohesive throughout material

  • Looking at work objectively

  • Creating an 'about page' to be proud of.

  • Step-by-step guide to writing your best biography

  • Interactive exercises throughout book

Download includes E-book and printable workbook to accompany text

50+ pages of comprehensive and interactive material.

*Both are delivered digitally in print friendly PDF format. We recommend purchasing on a desktop to avoid any rogue technical hangups. If you are downloading on a PC and experience any issues please email us so we can apologize profusely and remedy the issue.